Welcome to the Chilmark and Clifton Foot Beagles website. The pack was formed from an amalgamation of the Chilmark Beagles and the Clifton Foot Beagles on 1st May 2002. To find out more about the pack, the Hunt Supporters Club - including its popular Wine Scheme with unique Hunt wine labels and how you can purchase the new Hunt badge and sweatshirts and other clothing click on the links below:

 Hunt Officials and Staff for 2002-3

 Hunt Country and short History

 Hunt Supporters Club

 Hunt Contacts

 The Liberty and Livelihood March 2002

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Hunt Officials and Staff for 2002-3

The Hunt Chairman is Mr. Simon Reece, the joint Secretaries are Mrs. Sarah Macalpine and Mrs. Rosemary Atchley and the Treasurer is Mr. Martyn Cruse.

The joint Masters for the year 2002-3 are: Mr. Paul Jelley, Miss Annie McConnell, Mr. Chris Noel and Mr. Mike Swinden.

Hounds are hunted by James Pound, and Tim Hancock and Dale Woodall are whippers-in.

The Hon President of the Chilmark and Clifton Foot Beagles is Mr. Keith Gardner, a long time former master of the Clifton Foot Beagles.

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Hunt country and short history

The country of the new pack stretches from Gloucestershire, through North Somerset, into Somerset, together with some country between Chepstow and Usk.

Prior to amalgamation the Chilmark Beagles can trace their history back to 1950 when Charles Hardwick founded the pack in the village of Chilmark near Salisbury. Hounds moved to Glastonbury in 1962 and were then in the Harland family until 1990. From 1993 hounds were kenneled at Priddy with the Mendip Farmers' and were owned and hunted from 1995 to 2001 by Jim Squires.

An association with the word Clifton and a pack of harehounds can be traced back to the 1840's. The present pack started in 1888, albeit converting to 16 1/2 " Stud Book Harriers from 1894 to 1978, and have kenneled at Yatton for many years. The famous cricketer WG Grace, was associated with the pack in the 1890's.

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The Hunt Supporters Club

The Hunt Supporters Club, under the current chairmanship of Annie McConnell MH organises a regular programme of events to raise funds. A subscription to the Club costs 10 per year and includes Newsletters and meet information. For information about joining the Club e-mail the address shown below in the wine scheme section for further details.

One of the unique fundraisers is the Hunt Wine Scheme and for further information on the scheme contact Roger Unwin on 01454 413525 or e-mail for a catalogue.

To mark the amalgamation a new Hunt badge has been produced and these are available, price 5 from Miss A McConnell, Throckmorton House, Draycott, Somerset, BS27 3EG. Cheques should be payable to CCFBSC.

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Hunt contacts

For further information on the Chilmark and Clifton Foot Beagles and to come for a day with the hounds please contact the joint secretary, Mrs. Sarah Macalpine on 01934 863074.

For further information on the Supporters Club you can contact the Secretary by e- mail

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The Liberty and Livelihood March 2002 - 22 September 2002 London

The Hunt is organising transport to the March from several locations in North Somerset. For further information about coach transport contact Mrs. Sarah Macalpine on 01934 863074. You can find out more about the March by logging on to the March website.

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Links to other sites of interest

The Countryside Alliance site contains a considerable amount of information on their activities and Campaigns.

Other recommended sites are and

The 2003 Horn and Hound Calendar can be found at

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